PI, SIAT Innovation Program for Excellent Young Researchers, ¥80,000, 2020-2021

Co-PI, CloudSim Research Project for Siemens MindSphere, ¥150,000, 2019.9-2019.12


 A software prototype system implementing brownout based on containers. The testbed is based is based on Grid'5000. Containers are managed by Docker Swarm. The containers are controlled to save energy consumption.



heduling process, we propose FlexCloud, a new flexible and scalable simulator that eBrownout is an approach enables to dynamically deactivate/acticate optional application components to handle overloads. We have implemented brownout techniques in CloudSim to reduce energy consumption in data centers.





February 2013 to June 2013

Cloud Data centers aim to provide reliable, sustainable and scalable services for different requests. Resource scheduling is a key part for Cloud services. To simplify the scheduling process, we propose FlexCloud, a new flexible and scalable simulator that enables simulating the process of initializing cloud data centers, allocating virtual machine requests, and providing performance evaluation for various scheduling algorithms.





National Natural Science Foundation of China (Datacenter Energy-saving Scheduling Research )

February 2013 to February 2015

A main researcher for solutions to reducing energy-consumption in cloud data centers; In this project, we have proposed serveral practical algorithms for resource scheduling in Clouds.



Cloud Resource Deployment Project

November 2013 to June 2014